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Carbon Footprint certification for Vason tannins, as well. Flottoplus 2.0 has been given a prize.
Vason tannins certified and the research of Vason Group has been pointed out at SIMEI fair.
Published 12 11 2011 su VQ nr. 6 page 76

Tannins received the carbon Footprint certification, as well. In addition to the previous products, described in the article, also this range of oenological adjuvants obtained this important certification.
The research of Vason Group received also a marking out for innovation during SIMEI 2011 for the product Flottoplus 2.0, the new clarifying agent "allergen-free". Innovative adjuvant of not-animal origin, Flottoplus 2.0 is the "allergen-free" solution for clarification of difficult wines and for flotation processes.

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